Usually, people will select the clothing first before they choose what scarf to wear with it – or if it needs to be worn with one. A scarf is the best way to accessorize your outfit because it‘s versatility will enable you to be as creative in your fashion statement as possible. However, there are certain rules that you need to know about where a typical scarf can best be used for.

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A Silk Scarf and Skinny Jeans

For instance, you may think that a silk scarf is best used for formal occasions only because of its texture. However, most fashion stylists will ask you to wear it with skinny jeans and a simple top – it can be a plain shirt with a snug fit. You have the option to wear in on your head, neck or if the length will permit it, on your hips as a belt. What this scarf will do is make your simple outfit very sophisticated. Just add heels or pumps and a purse and you can be off to an afternoon with your friends. Other lighter materials like chiffon and satin scarves can be worn with a dress or a suit as an accessory.

Tight Sweaters with Wool Scarves

Wool scarves are ideal for winter wear but thinner types can also be used during warmer seasons. They should be worn with tight fitting sweaters – not loose ones (unless you are a man). A bulky wool scarf will not go well with an equally bulky sweater. If you don’t want to appear like you are drowning in your clothing, stay away from this combination. If bulky sweaters are what you prefer, choose the thinner wool scarves.

Summer Outfits with Fringe Scarves

Fringe scarves are best paired with summer outfits. Even longer scarves can be wrapped around the neck or draped to hang loose in front over a sleeveless tank top with shorts and sandals. You can also tie it around your head to protect it from the heat. Use bright colors to compliment the

Scarves for Evening Events

For evening affairs, go for scarves with embellishments like beads and sequins. The glitter effect will contribute to the elegance of your outfit. Pair it with another glittering accessory like a small purse and it should be a good combination for your night out.

Other pieces that are usually accessorized with scarves are jackets and coats. It can be worn inside around your neck, or draped to fall in front of the coat. A scarf is a good way to create a lot of looks for the few jackets and coats that you own – especially during wintertime.

Scarf-Outfit Pairing Tips

  • Make sure the colors and designs do not clash. Mixing and matching designs can be done with different patterns. Keep away from similar patterns like a plaid scarf with a plaid jacket.
  • Do not pair bulky scarves with big accessories like dangling earrings, long necklaces, etc.
  • Follow the simple rules in color matching. Warm shades must be paired with cooler ones. Also, wearing different shades of one color hue is also acceptable (e.g. pink with red or yellow with orange).

Any fashion stylist will tell you to dress to your strengths. Whatever choice of outfit, you need to ensure that it will compliment your body type and skin color. Regardless of the clothing pieces that you choose or the accessories that you pair it with, if it does not look good on you, it will surely fail.

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