The dancing skills of Justin Timberlake aside from his short curly hair were his most identifiable trademark but were also his way to start gaining the confidence he needed when he first joined contests. Singing his heart out on Star Search was not enough to make him win but it was enough for him to boost his confidence further and become more determined; just as he looked with so much confidence wearing a scarf sexily with an attitude in this photograph of him years later after Star Search.

He brushed elbows during his earlier years with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera long before they became the names to beat in the music industry via a kiddie television variety show. At fourteen years of age, Justin Timberlake was already a part of NSYNC, a popular boy band up until the late 90s. In 2002, Timberlake went solo and wrote his own songs including one about his then long time girlfriend Britney Spears and continued to successfully “rock your body” crooning for adoring fans.

Timberlake intimated that when he is unable to sleep, he sings to himself until he’d feel sleepy. He added that much as business he is into is full of lies, he will be into music for the rest of his life and that he cannot imagine doing something else. As a man who can’t go five minutes without music, it is sure to say that it is he lives and breathes. Justin Timberlake, with all his popularity unbelievably fears dying unloved. But given the fact that he is such a good looking guy who knows how to look good further by knowing what will add appeal to him such as a scarf which he wore with such sexy appeal, surely the man will not die without being loved not by only one person but by more than he could bargain for.


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