Why do celebrities like Lauren Conrad love wearing scarves? It is because they are a great way to top any outfit off without the need of other accessories like jewelries.  Versatility is a word that best describes a scarf that can make you look professional, formal or casual. If you happen to be wearing a shirt that is not your favorite, you can instantly change its look by adding a scarf and people will notice not your shirt but the scarf you are wearing – an on the spot confidence booster.

Some find the season of fall to be their favorite because of their love of scarves and where the weather is always beautiful. You can also stay in fashion by wearing scarves that are made of colorful patterns while keeping yourself cozy and warm. That is why there are many people who love this simple piece of rectangular cloth. Not to be put aside during the summer, fashion designers created summer scarves so fashionistas can continue wearing them even during the warm months. Summer scarves are made of light, fluffy material created to continue the stylish look you are able to create during fall and winter. Changing an entire outfit does not always entail changing clothes but adding a scarf for a total look. And because Lauren loves shopping with her friends, definitely she has scarves on her shopping list.

Lauren is famous for almost always wearing her hair braided but in this photo, she was captured in a refreshing look wearing short black skirt, a white blouse and sans of other accessories save for a scarf. That alone has given her a look that appeared complete. Given the very creative, fashionable ways anyone can do with scarves, imitating Lauren in her scarf fashion is easy and will definitely give you the same level of confidence that celebrities possess.