Keeping Up with the Kardashians has become a household name that a lot of people, both admirers and simply kibitzers followed the colorful and intriguing lives of the family made famous by their father’s involvement in the case of O.J. Simpson’s trial when the famous soccer player was suspected to have killed his wife. Now even at a book signing event, many eyes observed Khloe Kardashian, one of the famous siblings who wore an all-black outfit during the event. But good fashion must be a part of the family’s system that Khloe broke the monotony of the outfit with the use of a black and white scarf and the result was simply perfect!

Fondly called Baby K, she appeared like she was ready for a photo shoot and was not simply signing books. If everybody is so into scarf that people wear them like on a daily basis, it is because of the confidence the wearer feels in donning such a glamorous piece of cloth. The make, design and the materials used in making scarves add to the beauty they create as they make an exciting contrast in any outfit similar to what Khloe showed. Once you wear a scarf, you can’t help but feel that your confidence level continues to build up as you wrap it around your shoulders.

While scarves boost any wearer’s confidence level, it also brings out your creative side because you can’t help but find other innovative ways in wearing them. This is why you will see other celebrities donning them in different fashions and use them as head bands, head wraps, belts or something to adorn their bags with. The manner in which Khloe Kardashian used a scarf is just a sample. Wear one so you can also feel the same confidence ooze out of you and feel fashionable at the same time.