The music world has already produced quite a good number of great musicians, lyricist, songwriters, record producers and lately, because of the new music trend, great rappers, too! Among these music icons is the name Kanye West who is a combination of all traits mentioned and whose rise to fame began when his work collaboration with equally famous Jay-Z gained recognition. Since then, he has worked with the most famous names in the music industry such as Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson and many more. West’s musical genius is so great that he quickly became a prominent figure that event the way he garbs himself is also a thing to watch out for. Just like everybody who has great fashion sense, West is also a fan of scarf. Aren’t most rappers are? It is  not like scarves are a must fashion garment for rappers, it is simply because of the way they add flavor and personality to the wearer. As a matter of fact, not only rappers are so into scarves but celebrities from different fields as well.

For this year alone, West has a total of fourteen Grammy Awards to his name – talk about success that comes easy with great talent such as Kanye West’s. His album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy has already had five songs that sold over three million copies. As a best-selling artist, Kanye West has got it all laid out for him, including anything he could wish for in terms of fashion bric-a-bracs to bring out that suave and sophisticated swagger in him. If his scarf mode is any indication, then fans absolutely can follow in his footsteps. Becoming someone as talented is anybody’s dream and to become equally popular is a feat! Start
“rapping” it out too but don’t forget your friendly fashion friend, the lovely scarf.

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