It takes more than expensive designer clothes to create a fabulous outfit. Neutral outfits, when properly put together and accessorized with a great looking scarf, can turn admiring heads wherever you go. Regardless of the type of scarf that you own, it is best to know how you can maximize the colors and patterns to compliment your outfit. Most people have found that proper color coordination can either make or break your style.

Not everyone goes wild with bold color matching. This article will give you helpful tips on how to experiment with colors without going overboard. Isn’t it about time that you stopped buying only neutral colored scarves and tried something new? You might be surprised at how a bright colored or patterned scarf can bring changes into your dull colored outfits!

There are two ways that you can aim for. One is to make the outfit stand out using a scarf to compliment it. Alternatively, you can wear plain outfits and use the scarf as the highlight.

Color blocking is a popular fashion style. If you feel more adventurous, you can pair different colored outfits with solid scarves. Here are some basic rules when matching colors together.

Mix warm and cool colors. For instance, wear a yellow shirt (warm) with an aqua scarf and blue jeans (cool).
Go for monochromatic. Use the same color in different shades. A black shirt with a gray scarf is a classic example.
Dress to the season. A yellow tank top with lime green shorts accessorized with an orange scarf tied on a big white bag screams “Summer is here!” Partner the outfit with white sandals and you are good to go.
Contrast is good. Try mixing a strong colored scarf with a neutral color outfit. Bright green can liven up an all-beige ensemble.
In any mix and match rule, it is always best to have a common theme or feature. For instance, a blue scarf with a blue, black and white color pattern can be paired with a solid blue top. If you want to go for a more artistic look, you can use a black top paired with black jeans. If the colors on your scarf are very strong, you can go for neutral colors in your outfit to make it stand out. Remember that you can never go wrong with basic colors like white, beige, black and gray. When in doubt, it’s okay to fall back on safe shades for your outfit and use a scarf with bold color or patterns.

Pairing a patterned scarf with a pattern outfit is also a common trend. The important rule is to still look for a color to unify the pieces and do not use the same pattern for your ensemble. For instance, a plaid scarf of pink, black and white can be paired with a sweet looking floral top that is a mixture of peach, pink and white colors. Never partner a floral scarf with an all-floral outfit unless it is a one piece garment.

Knowing how to assemble your wardrobe will make you look like a success every time you step out of the house. However, no matter what the fashion industry may suggest, it is always best to dress where you are most comfortable in. Styling is one thing, but carrying it with confidence notches the fabulous rating to even greater heights.

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