Even in cold climates where pea coats are the norm, you can still accessorize with a fashionable scarf. Woolen pea coats will keep you warm, make you look sophisticated and help define your shape when worn properly. And to maintain the coat’s sleek and streamlined silhouette, tuck a nice scarf underneath your jacket.

Oblong, square, small and long scarves can be worn together with pea coats. For formal pea coat pieces, you can opt for silk scarves or silk blend scarves. Whether you tie it snuggly on your neck or just keep it loosely hung on the collar, a scarf is a fabulous way to add texture and color to your look, as well as liven up an old pea coat.

Wearing a Scarf with your Pea Coat

There are different style techniques when wearing scarves with pea coats. Here are several ways on how you can wear a scarf with your pea coat for a more fashionable and fabulous look.

  • Fold your scarf in a half and then wrap it around your neck. Tuck open ends of the scarf through the loop of folded end. This wrap is also termed as the Parisian and is stylish and functional. Putting scarf ends tightly creates a barrier to the elements.
  • Lay a nice, long scarf around your neck. One end should at least hit a little shy at the end of your pea coat. The other end should appear longer. Take this end and wrap it on your neck once or twice. This look is great for extra long and thicker scarves.
  • Place the scarf backwards. Lay the scarf across your neck and let the ends hang on your back. Cross ends and bring them back to the front part of your body. Cross the two ends and then button up the coat. The ends shouldn’t hang down under your coat’s hem.
  • Lay flat a big square scarf and bring the top & bottom ends at the middle to resemble an envelope. Loop it nicely at the back of your neck. Bring one end over the other, like you would for a tie. Secure a knot and let your scarf rest on your neck. This style works best if you wear your coat open.

Choose wildly patterned or bright scarf that will bring warmth to a dreary winter day and show off your personality. A subdued scarf will appear more elegant and sophisticated when tied neatly. Choose a scarf that doesn’t clash with your pea coat.

Take your time when matching your scarves with your pea coat and be rewarded with a standout style!

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